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RETTEW - Website Redesign

Founded in 1969, RETTEW is a Lancaster-headquartered engineering firm with more than 350 professionals and nine offices across the country. As a market leader, RETTEW had a vested interest in maintaining their competitive edge and enlisted our help in an ambitious site redesign.

With well over 40 services and specialties, our first order of business was to spend time thinking through the ideal site navigation scenarios and most effective user experience. Our team helped to conceptualize a much-improved site navigation with a more intuitive mast header and relevant cross-marketing opportunities peppered throughout the site. We created an in-depth sitemap that helped to organize the design direction as well as clarify how each of the content pieces would interconnect with each other for optimal user experiences.

As our team approached the design, we reviewed the RETTEW collateral, color palette and also explored their competitive landscape. The previous site had an indigo blue as the predominant base color, leaving the site feeling cold and traditional. We renewed the site palette with the more dominant RETTEW red set against a backdrop of neutral grey and khaki brand colors. The RETTEW ‘diamond’ brand artifacts that existed in marketing collateral were also introduced to the design of the site as a consistent brand thread.

Our team also worked hard to expand the visual real estate on the site, allowing for RETTEW to feature their veteran staff and impressive/expansive projects. Part of the process for accomplishing this was our guidance on photography choices that would coincide with the brand. Our goal was to establish both a personality behind RETTEW’s experience as well as to convey the vast expertise and results that they bring to the table.


  • Photography Direction
  • Responsive
  • Website Design
  • Site Mapping
  • Research & Strategy


RETTEW - Previous Website
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RETTEW - Website Monitor Mockup