Website and Brand Creation


R.HARBOR is a luxury children’s clothing brand started by two moms intent on creating a more modest and comfortable option for little ones. They asked Hamilton for our help in creating their brand and website.

We began our work by an offsite deep-dive meeting into everything that inspired their brand. We talked a lot about everything that connected to the inspiration for their brand - the colors, places, like-minded companies etc. From there we developed a mood-board that assembled all the thoughts into a collective collage of ideas. We did much refining and tweaking to get the inspiration just right.

After completing our research and analysis, our design team started focusing on classic, timeless style with nautical and Nantucket influence. We wanted a brand that wasn’t too adult, wasn’t too cutesy and could work just as well for boys as it would for girls. It needed to avoid pushing too trendy or leaning too conservative.

We created several concepts, each giving a subtle nod to a nautical theme. It was important for us to give extra thought to the “R” in “R.HARBOR” since it represented the founders last name. In the end, we landed on a strong wordmark that displayed clean sans serif typography and soft waves underneath the “R”. We also established a very classic brand color palette that evoked a nantucket navy with a Carolina blue accent.

Once a strong brand was established, we moved on to the creation of the website. Our first order of business was to create impressive photography that would match the caliber of the site design and the quality of their products. Using the children of friends and family as actors, we arranged a photo shoot to showcase the products and smiles. With the photography complete, we sought to build a site design that was light, clean and classic.

Our team continued the identity work with hang tag designs, business cards, note cards and email templates.


  • Collateral
  • Photography Direction
  • Website Design
  • Business Cards
  • Packaging
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Postcard
  • Landing Page
  • Branding & Identity
  • Research & Strategy


RHARBOR - Business Cards RHARBOR - Responsive Website RHARBOR - Logo Stitched RHARBOR - Splash Page
RHARBOR - Website Design